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Gold Farming in WoW Cataclysm Classic

New expansion - the new challenge

Recently, players witnessed the release of the new World of Warcraft Classic expansion, which is a reboot of the Cataclysm add-on. This expansion has significantly changed the game world of Azeroth, destroying familiar landscapes and adding new zones to explore.

gold mininggold mining

At the center of the story is the return of the ancient dragon Deathwing, who has broken free from captivity and caused massive cataclysms around the world. Players can expect new races - worgen and goblins, an increase in the maximum level to 85, new dungeons and raids and updated game mechanics and systems. "Cataclysm" has brought many changes to the game, refreshing both the visual and gameplay aspects.

With the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, there was a need to actively earn gold again, as changes in the game world and new content updates required significant financial investments from players. WoW Cata gold often becomes more significant at the beginning of an update because it is used to buy various consumables for raids, dungeons, and other activities, resources, new weapons, equipment, and other valuable items in the auction house.

Farming methods in WoW Cataclysm Classic

In such moments, players try to find current farming methods to quickly get a sufficient amount of gold to meet their needs. They may not be the most profitable in the game, but most of them do not require the study of complex mechanics, and changing them will help avoid the appearance of fatigue from monotonous grinding, providing variety in gameplay.


Secondary profession: Fishing

Fishing in World of Warcraft is not only an engaging activity but also an effective way to earn gold. With it, you can catch both old and new types of fish in Cataclysm zones. Fish are used to prepare various dishes that give buffs to players, so selling them can be profitable. Additionally, on Tol Barad Island, players can find shipwrecks where they can obtain new resources and herbs for sale. During fishing, players can also obtain Volatile Water.

Secondary profession: Cooking

Cooking is a profession that allows you to turn various ingredients into dishes for your use and for sale. Not all players can create complex dishes because it requires a high level of profession and specific recipes. If your professional level is high enough, you can use it to provide your cooking services.

Primary profession: Gathering

Gathering professions have always been, and remain a popular way to farm gold. By using skinning, herbalism, or mining, players can gather resources used by crafting professions to create specific items, consumables, weapons, and equipment. The new update has introduced many new resources, so their price may be higher than usual due to their novelty.

Primary profession: Crafting

Crafting professions in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm play a key role in the game's economy and provide players with many opportunities to farm gold. These professions allow you to create valuable items and materials that are in high demand on the auction house, making them an important source of income for those, who are looking to quickly accumulate gold. The ability to choose the right items in demand on the market and respond to changes in demand promptly makes crafting professions a powerful tool for gold farming in Cataclysm.

Volatile elements

These resources are important for crafting professions, just like ores and herbs. They are used to create various items in each profession. The demand for these resources has made them expensive, so selling them can earn you a decent amount of gold. You can obtain these elements by killing elemental creatures in specific locations. Some methods of farming these elements may require fishing or gathering professional skills. There are in total  5 elements: Volatile Earth, Volatile Fire, Volatile Air, Volatile Water, and Volatile Life. Be sure to familiarize yourself with guides on farming them and choose the method that suits you.

Tiny Treasure Chests

Farming involves collecting small chests that drop from enemies in Cataclysm locations, but this method requires small investments. You need to buy from the auction house or create yourself using alchemy a Potion of Treasure Finding. After using the potion, go and farm different mobs in the new Cataclysm game zones. With this method, you can get gold in its pure form, materials, reagents, green and blue items.

Raids and dungeons

One of the methods that requires not only your participation but also the participation of other players. Completing raids allows you to earn gold and various items, but they are randomly distributed to players. The best way is to participate in these activities with your team and agree to share the loot equally among all players. Some rare items can be worth a huge amount of gold, but the chance of them dropping is very small. For this method, you must have strong gear and reliable allies: the mistake of one or two team members can ruin the raid for everyone.

Easy way to get gold

An easy way to get Cataclysm Classic gold is to buy it on special online platforms. Buying gold Cataclysm Classic can save you time and effort that is usually required for gold farming in the game. On such platforms, you can find cheap Cataclysm Classic gold, making this method of obtaining gold even more attractive. If you need gold in Cataclysm Classic quickly and without extra effort, buying it is a great option.

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