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Basic Rules for Diving

Olympic diving is a sport that involves athletes jumping and diving into a pool from a platform or springboard. There are events for both male and female athletes, who compete in individual or synchronized competitions, on different boards and from different heights.

Below are the basic rules of Olympic diving, but there are many other intricacies and variations in the sport of diving, including different types of dives and variations in the rules for different levels of competition.

Diving is conducted in a specific pool that is a minimum of 5 meters deep, and it must be clear of obstructions.

The diving platform is a raised structure from which divers jump. The Olympic diving boards are placed at two different heights: at 10 meters and at three meters. The 10 meter platform is a solid base from which to jump. There is a springboard at three meters. The spring board is a flexible board that gives divers an additional boost when jumping.

diving platform diving platform

The divers perform a series of predetermined dives, with varying degrees of difficulty, in a specific order. In individual events, divers perform six dives, while in synchronized events, divers perform five dives each.

The divers are judged on the execution and degree of difficulty of their dives. Each dive is scored by a panel of judges, with a maximum score of 10 points.

Divers are evaluated on the quality of their execution, including the approach, takeoff, flight, entry, and overall impression of the dive. The degree of difficulty is determined by the complexity of the dive, with higher scores given for more difficult dives.

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