Ultimate Frisbee Glossary

Here are some of the more unusual terms that you may come across if you go to watch or play a game of ultimate frisbee.

Air bounce: a backhand or forehand throw that is aimed slightly downward, but then buoyed up by a cushion of air.

Bid: an impressive (but usually failing) attempt at diving to catch the frisbee.

Blade: an extreme version of the reverse curve - a forehand throw (for right handers) that goes high in the air and curves left.

Clog: to prevent good cuts by standing in the way of your teammates.Frisbee game in the park

Corkscrew: like a hammer throw but the frisbee is held in a backhand grip rather than a forehand grip.

Hack: a foul.

Hammer: an overhead throw with a forehand grip in which the frisbee is released at an angle so that it flattens out and flies upside down.

Huck: a long throw; equivalent to a bomb in football.

Pull: the throw that begins the possession, much like a kickoff in football.

Reverse curve: a backhand throw to the left that curves right (for right handers); or a forehand throw (for right handers) to the right that curves left.

Scoober: a fast, difficult-to-intercept throw; similar to a hammer, a scoober is held overhead, but with a backhand grip.

Swill: what a bad throw is called.

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