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Cycling in other Languages

The sport we know as cycling is not necessarily called by the same name around the world. Here are the names for cycling in many of the languages of the world. The names are taken from the Wikipedia page for cycling in each of these languages. You will notice that many of the names appear to be phonetic spelling of cycling in the other languages.

Name by Language

Language Name for the sport of cycling
Afrikaans Fietsry
Albanian Çiklizmi
Anglo-Saxon Hwēolrinnung
Arabic ركوب الدراجات
Aragonese Ciclismo
Asturian Ciclismu
Azerbaijani Velosiped idmanı
Basque Txirrindularitza
Bengali সাইকেল চালনা
Bosnian Biciklizam
Breton Marc'hhouarnerezh
Bulgarian Колоездене
Cantonese 單車運動
Catalan Ciclisme
Chinese 骑车
Croatian Biciklizam
Czech Cyklistika
Danish Cykling
Dutch Fietsverkeer
English Cycling
Esperanto Biciklado
Estonian Jalgrattasõit
Finnish Pyöräily
French Cyclisme
Galician Ciclismo
German Fahrradfahren
Greek Ποδηλασία
Hebrew רכיבה על אופניים
Hungarian Kerékpározás
Icelandic Hjólreiðar
Ido Biciklagado
Indonesian Bersepeda
Italian Ciclismo
Japanese サイクリング
Javanese Nyepédhah
Korean 자전거 타기
Latin Birotatio
Latvian Riteņbraukšana
Lojban jbonunsla
Macedonian Велосипедизам
Malayalam സൈക്കിളിംഗ്‌
Nāhuatl Ōmmalacapayīnaliztli
Norwegian Sykling
Norwegian Sykling
Occitan Ciclisme
Persian دوچرخه‌سواری
Polish Kolarstwo
Portuguese Ciclismo
Quechua Bisiklita yallinakuy
Romanian Ciclism
Russian Езда на велосипеде
Scots Cyclin
Serbian Бициклизам
Serbo-Croatian Biciklizam
Sicilian Ciclismu
Slovak Cyklistika
Slovene Kolesarstvo
Spanish Ciclismo
Swahili Mashindano ya baiskeli
Thai การปั่นจักรยาน
Turkish Bisiklet (spor)
Turkmen Welosiped bäs­le­şi­gi
Ukrainian Їзда на велосипеді
Vietnamese Đạp xe
Walloon Ciclisse
Welsh Seiclo
Wu 踏车

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