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Car Cricket

Car Cricket is a fun way to keep the kids occupied on a long car trip. It is only somewhat related to the real game of cricket - generally scoring is faster and much more exciting than the real game. Runs are based on the color of the cars you pass, with a red car getting you out. It works best on less busy country roads.

car cricket scoresheetThere are no universal rules, and there are many scoring variations based on different color cars and vehicle sizes. You may want to make a score limit so players have to retire if they make 100 runs or so. You can download a free car cricket scoring sheet with the basic rules, or another blank one so you can use your own variation. Have fun and good luck!

Basic Rules

One person at a time comes up to 'bat', and they score 'runs' when vehicles are sighted. For cars to count as runs they must be moving and traveling in the opposite direction. White cars (and silver/grey) are worth one run, colored cars (including black, excluding red) are worth two runs, motorbikes are worth a four, and trucks and busses six runs. Any vehicle towing anything collects an additional "overthrow" run. Red cars, they get you out. After everyone in the car has had a turn at bat, the person with the most runs wins. It works well on open roads for long road trips, not so well with city driving.

Download a Scoring Sheet

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Alternative Rules

This variation is based on car types, where bigger sized vehicles means more runs.

English Pub version

In an English version of car cricket, runs are scored for spotting telephone boxes, post boxes, petrol pumps and pubs. Each one had a different score. A pub scores a four but, if it had a pub sign with an animal on it then the batsman was out and the next passenger gets to bat. This version is harder to play now that many small village pubs are closing, and roads tend to bypass the small villages.

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