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Backyard Cricket Rules

Backyard cricket is part of many Australian's upbringing. The rules of backyard cricket will vary with every backyard (or park, playground or street), but here is a list that many a game is based on.

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  1. One hand off the house: Catches must be taken one-hand if the ball comes off the house/tree/fence.
  2. Six and out: If you hit it over the fence you're out and you have to get the ball.
  3. No LBWs: Too contentious, unless dad agrees to umpire.
  4. You can't go out first ball: This is to stop your kid brother from blubbing or to give granny a chance.
  5. Last man's tucker: You can bat by yourself if you are the last remaining batsman.
  6. Tip-n-run: You have to run if you hit it.
  7. Magic wickets: You can run out a batsman batting alone by hitting the wicket at either end.
  8. Auto Wicky: if you play in front of a wall and nick the ball behind you, you can be given out assuming a wicket keeper would have caught it.
  9. Automatic runs: If you hit certain backyard landmarks - a fence or shed perhaps - you are awarded a prearranged number of runs.
  10. One hand one bounce: Catches can be taken one-hand if the ball only bounces once

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