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I Made A Hundred In The Backyard At Mum's

© Greg Champion

As I went out to have a bat just the other day
I had no idea what was coming my way
I played a chanceless innings and I earnt every run
and I made a hundred in the backyard at Mum's

Oh, I made a hundred in the backyard at Mum's
I clobbered and I crunched every fabulous run
I toiled and I sweated and when the day was done
I'd made a hundred in the backyard at Mum's

I started out real shaky-like just poking around
me sister with her off breaks well she had me pinned down
but when me little brother bowled I gave him the clout
and when we stopped for lunch I was twenty-four not out

Then me Uncle Nev came on bowling his quicks
but I was scoring freely with deflections and flicks
as I passed me fifty I sensed something great was near
and when I hit the roof next door they all began to cheer

I took some on the body but they didn't hurt a bit
I only hit the ball that was there to be hit
I hooked 'em off me eyebrows and I tried to keep me head
and the ton came up with a straight drive through the window of the shed

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