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Women Boxing Men

It is hard to imagine a woman taking up a battle against a man in the ring, though in the matches so far women have ended up on top.

One match, which was billed as the first sanctioned male-female boxing match in U.S. history, was more likely no more than a publicity stunt.

women boxerswomen boxers are more common now

On October 10, 1999, Margaret McGregor defeated Loi Chow in a unanimous decision, 40-36, played out over four rounds. This was not an even battle. Loi Chow, a trainer and a jockey by trade, had a fight history of 0-2 in professional bouts with his last bout three years earlier. McGregor, on the other hand, had an extensive kickboxing and boxing background, with a 3-0 record in professional matches against women.

The fight generated huge controversy but still went on as scheduled. A crowd of less than 3,000 filed into Seattle's Mercer Arena to watch McGregor pummel the pudgy-looking Chow for all four rounds. Boxing commentators and observers regarded the match as a farce, particularly when the originally planned more talented opponent Hector Morales dropped out. It will go down as a footnote in modern boxing history.

kickboxing Battle

A kickboxing battle of the sexes version took place just after the above mentioned boxing match on October 21, 1999. Amateur Muay Thai fighter Deborah "Sunshine" Fettkether, with a 4-1-1 record, fought construction worker and first-time fighter Randy Pittman. In the fight, Fettkether easily defeated Pittman 59 seconds into the first round - Pittman had no idea what he was in for.

MMA battle

Larissa Schroeder, an amateur fighter from Brazil, squared off and beat male opponent, and her usual sparring partner, Fernando Lemos in 2015.

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