2007 Fitness Tests for the NBA Draft (Combine)

A series of 'Athleticism Tests' are performed annually at the NBA pre-draft camp.

See a description of the tests, and the best results for each year since 2000. The top 5 results below are based on official league documents, and published online.


Bench Press (reps at 185 lbs)

reps player
25 Russell Carter (Notre Dame)
21 Carl Landry
21 Coleman Collins
21 D.J. Strawberry
21 Anthony Tolliver

Vertical Jump - max

height (inches) player
41 Bobby Brown (Cal State Fullerton)
41 Al Thornton (Florida State)
40.5 Mike Conley Jr
40.5 Nick Young
39.5 Aaron Brooks

3/4 Court Sprint

time (seconds) player
3.09 Mike Conley Jr (Ohio State)
3.11 Dominic James
3.11 Rodney Stuckey
3.12 Dustin Salisbery
3.14 D.J. Strawberry

Lane Agility Drill

time (seconds) player
10.39 Demetris Nichols (Syracuse)
10.57 Aaron Brooks
10.68 Sun Yue
10.87 D.J. Strawberry
10.94 Dominic James

Top 10 in the Overall best athlete category:

  1. Maryland guard D.J. Strawberry
  2. Notre Dame's Russell Carter
  3. Marquette's Dominic James.
  4. Ohio State's Mike Conley
  5. Purdue's Carl Landry
  6. Temple's Dustin Salisbery
  7. Georgia Tech's Thaddeus Young
  8. Colorado State's Jason Smith
  9. Ohio State's Ron Lewis
  10. Eastern Washington's Rodney Stuckey

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