2003 Fitness Tests for the NBA Draft (Combine)

A series of 'Athleticism Tests' are performed annually at the NBA pre-draft camp. See a description of the tests, and the best results for each year since 2000.

The results below are based on official league documents, and published online.


Bench Press

reps name
27 Jason Keep
25 Brandon Hunter
25 Theron Smith
24 Sam Hoskin
21 Uche Nsonwu-Amadi

Vertical Jump - max

height (inches) name
41.5 Ronald Dupree
41 Doug Wrenn
41 Troy Bell
40.5 Derrick Zimmerman
39.5 Dahntay Jones
39.5 T.J. Ford

3/4 Court Sprint

time (seconds) name
3.04 Kirk Penney
3.06 Troy Bell
3.07 Jermaine Boyette
3.08 Dwyane Wade
3.08 Britton Johnsen

Lane Agility Drill

time (seconds) name
10.44 Kirk Penney
10.56 Dwyane Wade
10.62 Jason Gardner
10.66 Andre Emmett
10.66 Jameer Nelson

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