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Technology in Baseball - Replays

The game of baseball is slowly catching up to the technology world with the expanded use of replays. Prior to the 2014 MLB season the only time the league would use replays was on disputed home run calls such as if the ball went foul or if the ball hit off something behind the fence.

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This all changed recently as the expanded use of replays have been added that also allows the manager of each team one challenge per game. If the challenge is overturned the team will be awarded one additional challenge for the rest of the game. The umpires are also able to review these calls from the start of the seventh inning till the end of the game.

The plays challengeable under the new replay system includes plays at first base, at the plate and on the base path. Other plays include foul balls, trap catches, fan interference, ground rule doubles, whether or not a run scored prior to the final out of an inning as well as score keeping issues. Home runs are only reviewable by the umpires under the previous instant replay rules.

Technology, including high definition television feeds and dvr systems helped put the instant replay into baseball. The question many have asked is will there ever be a technology system that can help call balls and strikes?

In the end the idea is great, but that would take out the entire human element of error and we don't expect the umpire's union to agree to this. One advancement that could be added would be a gps tracking chip in every baseball that could exactly tell you where the ball landed. This could include distance on home runs as well as where exactly a ball hit in the playing field.

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