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AFL (&VFL) Grand Final Sprint

A player's sprint race has traditionally been held on the day of the AFL Grand Final, at half-time of the main match. The sprint was first conducted in 1979, though in 1977 and 1978 there was a one-mile race held. There has also been a kicking competition. Since 2021, there has also been a women's sprint held during the AFLW grand final.

The Grand Final sprint event is raced over 100m, and in some years a handicapping system was used like that for professional footraces. By tradition, starting blocks cannot be used, though running spikes are allowed. Each club nominates one player, though players from the teams taking part in the Grand Final are not always present. The race was not held between 1988-2001.

St Kilda's Geoff Ablett is the only four-time winner of the event (1979-81, '85) while Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide Crows) is a three-time champion (2011-13)

The below information is not all from official records - information about each sprint was collated from various sources online, is incomplete and may not be 100% accurate. A result from 1986 has not been found - was there a race that year? See all the videos of the races we could find. If you have comments to make or more information to add, please let me know.

List of Winners

Year Winner Club
2023 Max Holmes Geelong
2022 Hugo Ralphsmith Richmond
2021 Josh Rotham West Coast
2020 Jordan Clark  Geelong
2019 Ben King  Gold Coast
2018 Godfrey Okereneyang Coolamon Hoppers club
2017 Connor Menadue Richmond
2016 James Shirley Murrumbeena Football Netball Club
2015 Majak Daw North Melbourne
2014 Jordan Murdoch Geelong
2013 Patrick Dangerfield Adelaide
2012 Patrick Dangerfield Adelaide
2011 Patrick Dangerfield Adelaide
2010 Luke Miles St Kilda
2009 Rhys Stanley St Kilda
2008 Matthew White Richmond
2007 Jake King Richmond
2006 Brendan Fevola Carlton
2005 Brett Deledio Richmond
2004 James Walker Fremantle
2003 James Walker Fremantle
2002 Jared Crouch Sydney
1988-2001 not held
1987 Russell Richards Melbourne
1986 ?  
1985 Geoff Ablett St Kilda
1984 Doug Cox Essendon
1983 Frank Marchesani Carlton
1982 Michael 'Mick' Conlan Fitzroy
1981 Geoff Ablett Hawthorn
1980 Geoff Ablett Hawthorn
1979 Geoff Ablett Hawthorn

Grand Final Sprint Details

2023 Winner: Max Holmes (Geelong)

The Coles 2023 Grand Final sprint was held before the main game. Two heats involving a player from each of the 18 clubs took place at 12.15pm, the final involving the top 8 held 20-25 minutes later.

Geelong's Max Holmes blitzed the field, crossing the line well ahead of Brisbane's Jaxon Prior and Melbourne's Jed Adams. Holmes was an experienced junior athlete, the son of dual Olympian and Commonwealth Gold medallist Lee Naylor, and had won the Australian under-18 400m hurdles title. He was the only runner to bring his own spikes.

Final Placings

  1. Geelong Cats – Max Holmes
  2. Brisbane Lions – Jaxon Prior
  3. Melbourne – Jed Adams
  4. Port Adelaide – Jed McEntee
  5. Western Bulldogs – Ed Richards
  6. Hawthorn – Josh Weddle
  7. Adelaide Crows – Mitchell Hinge
  8. Essendon – Nic Martin

Other Participants

See a video of the 2023 race

2022 Winner: Hugo Ralphsmith (Richmond)

The 2022 Grand Final sprint returned to a full field, unlike in 2021 where border restrictions meant that only runners from West Coast and Fremantle participated. The runners raced over 100m sprint along the 50m arc, a nod to the sponsors Colgate smile. The sprint was held at the first break.

Final Placings

  1. Richmond: Hugo Ralphsmith
  2. Western Bulldogs: Laitham Vandermeer
  3. Port Adelaide: Miles Bergman
  4. St Kilda: Brad Hill
  5. Collingwood: Isaac Quaynor
  6. Geelong Cats: Shannon Neale
  7. Carlton: Matthew Cottrell
  8. GWS Giants: Leek Aleer

Other Participants

See a video of the 2022 race

2021 Winner: Josh Rotham (West Coast)

The 2021 Grand Final sprint was quite different this year, as only West Coast and Fremantle players participated, as WA's strict border rules made it impossible for all clubs to get involved. The race was held at quarter-time, with four Eagles players - Jack Petruccelle, Liam Ryan, Josh Rotham and Tom Cole - challenged four Dockers players - Liam Henry, Andrew Brayshaw, Luke Ryan and Ethan Hughes. The race was held around the 50m arc at one end of the ground, starting in a staggered position. The players looked like they should have kept to their lanes but there was a bit of mixing. It was a tight finish, with Josh Rotham just pipping Jack Petruccelle. Liam Ryan was third. According to the on-screen timer, the winner crossed the line in 10.9 seconds.

Finishing Order

  1. Josh Rotham
  2. Jack Petruccelle
  3. Liam Ryan
  4. Liam Henry
  5. Ethan Hughes
  6. Andrew Brayshaw
  7. Luke Ryan
  8. Tom Cole

See a video of the 2021 race


2020 Winner: Jordan Clark (Geelong)

This year's AFL Grand Final 100-metre Sprint, held at quarter-time at the Gabba, was sponsored by Colgate. The race was not held during the usual half-time break due to the halftime entertainment show. Hill got out quickly and led for the first half of the race before Clark mowed him down in the dying stages. The finishing order is not official, just taken from the video).

Final Result

  1. Jordan Clark (Geelong)
  2. Bradley Hill (St Kilda)
  3. Xavier Duursma (Port Adelaide)
  4. Charlie Cameron (Brisbane)
  5. Bigoa Nyuon (Richmond)
  6. Ben Ainsworth (Gold Coast)
  7. Ben Keays (Adelaide)
  8. Josh Thomas (Collingwood)

See a video of the 2020 race

2019 Winner: Ben King (Gold Coast Suns)

The on screen timer clocked him at 11.62 seconds for the 100m. This year's race will only involve current AFL players.


  1. Ben King (Gold Coast Suns)
  2. Sam Frost (Melbourne)
  3. Noah Balta (Richmond)
  4. Jake Tarca (Geelong Cats)
  5. Ed Richards (Western Bulldogs)
  6. Andrew Brayshaw (Fremantle)
  7. Noah Answerth (Brisbane)
  8. Paddy Dow (Carlton)
  9. Nick Hind (St Kilda)


Here is the full list of participants:

Adelaide: Jake Kelly
Brisbane: Noah Answerth
Carlton: Paddy Dow
Collingwood: Will Hoskin-Elliott
Essendon: Dylan Clarke
Fremantle: Andrew Brayshaw
Geelong: Jake Tarca
Gold Coast: Ben King
Greater Western Sydney: Dylan Buckley
Hawthorn: Changkuoth Jiath
Melbourne: Sam Frost
North Melbourne: Taylor Garner
Port Adelaide: Connor Rozee
Richmond: Noah Balta
St Kilda: Nick Hind
Sydney: James Rowbottom
West Coast: Jackson Nelson
Western Bulldogs: Ed Richards

See a video of the 2019 race

2018 Winner: Godfrey Okereneyang (Coolamon Hoppers Club, NSW)

The final field included two U/18 amateur AFL players who progressed through state G100 heats in a competition sponsored by Gatorade.


  1. Godfrey Okereneyang (Coolamon Hoppers Club, NSW)
  2. Melvin Monieh (Melton South Panthers, VIC)
  3. Jordan Murdoch (Geelong)
  4. Jarrod Brander (West Coast)
  5. Ryley Stoddart (Sydney)
  6. Lachie Murphy (Adelaide)
  7. Touk Miller (Gold Coast)
  8. Matt Taberner (Fremantle)
  9. Cameron Polson (Carlton)
  10. Bayley Fritsch (Melbourne)

Other team competitors from the heats:

See a video of the 2018 race

2017 Winner: Connor Menadue (Richmond)

Richmond capped off a winning year by adding the grand final sprint to the premiership, the Brownlow and the Norm Smith medal. Winner Connor Menadue played nine senior games in 2017.


  1. Connor Menadue (Richmond)
  2. Jarrod Pickett (Carlton)
  3. Josh Williams (North Melbourne)
  4. Jayden Hunt (Melbourne)
  5. Steve May (Gold Coast)
  6. Jordan Galluci (Adelaide)
  7. James Rose (Sydney)
  8. Lewis Jetta (West Coast)
  9. Matt Suckling (Western Bulldogs)

HEAT ONE - Adelaide: Jordan Gallucci, Brisbane: Dayne Zorko, Essendon: Kyle Langford, Geelong: Mark O'Connor, Hawthorn: Harry Morrison, Melbourne: Jayden Hunt, St Kilda: Sam Gilbert, West Coast: Lewis Jetta, Western Bulldogs: Matt Suckling

HEAT TWO - Carlton: Jarrod Pickett, Collingwood: Will Hoskin-Elliot, Fremantle: Tommy Sheridan, Gold Coast: Steven May, GWS: Tim Taranto, North Melbourne: Josh Williams, Port Adelaide: Jarman Impey, Richmond: Connor Menadue, Sydney: James Rose.

See a video of the 2017 race

2016 Winner: James Shirley (Murrumbeena Football Netball Club)

The 13CABS Sprint was held at half time of the AFL grand final. The participants were split into two qualifying groups, with the five fastest from each group to compete in the final at half-time during the Grand Final. The field included a 28-year-old suburban footballer James Shirley from Murrumbeena Football Netball Club who won through qualifying races to represent local footballers, as well as cab driver Harvinder Singh. There was a $5000 prize for the winner. Despite a shaky start, last year's winner North Melbourne's Majak Daw came to the front but was overrun by Shirley in the second half of the race, with Jed Bews also pipping Daw on the line.

Final Results

  1. James Shirley (Murrumbeena)
  2. Jed Bews (Geelong)
  3. Majak Daw (North Melbourne)
  4. James Rose (Sydney)
  5. Darcy Tucker (Fremantle)
  6. Anthony McDonald Tipingwuti (Essendon)
  7. Liam Sumner (Carlton)
  8. Brad Lynch (Western Bulldogs)
  9. Bailey Rice (St Kilda)
  10. Harvinder Singh (13CAB Driver)

Other participants that did not make the final

See a video of the 2016 race

2015 Winner: Majak Daw (North Melbourne)

A sponsorship deal allowed two cabbies from 13 Cabs to compete, with both making the final. Also for sponsorship reasons, all the runners wore bright yellow leggings. The winner, Majak Daw of North Melbourne, was awarded $5000.

Final (in finishing order)

  1. Majak Daw (North Melbourne)
  2. Charlie Cameron (Adelaide)
  3. Dean Towers (Sydney)
  4. Paddy Brophy (West Coast)
  5. Hayden Crozier (Fremantle)
  6. Henry Schade (Gold Coast)
  7. Gurdev Singh (cab driver)
  8. Lewis Taylor (Brisbane)
  9. Parminder Singh (cab driver)
  10. Andrejs Everritt (Carlton)

HEAT 1 (in finishing order)

  1. Majak Daw (North Melbourne)
  2. Paddy Brophy (West Coast)
  3. Charlie Cameron (Adelaide)
  4. Henry Schade (Gold Coast)
  5. Parminder Singh (cab driver)
  6. Caleb Daniel (Western Bulldogs)
  7. Rory Lobb (GWS)
  8. Darcy Moore (Collingwood)
  9. Darcy Lang (Geelong)
  10. Daniel Howe (Hawthorn)

HEAT 2 (in finishing order)

  1. Dean Towers (Sydney)
  2. Gurdev Singh (cab driver)
  3. Hayden Crozier (Fremantle)
  4. Lewis Taylor (Brisbane)
  5. Andrejs Everritt (Carlton)
  6. Anthony Miles (Richmond)
  7. Jay Kennedy-Harris (Melbourne)
  8. Elliott Kavanagh (Essendon)
  9. Brad Ebert (Port Adelaide)
  10. Leigh Montagna (St Kilda)

See a video of the 2015 race

afl grand final sprint 19852014 Winner: Jordan Murdoch (Geelong)

The winner Jordan Murdoch had proven his speed in the past. He posted one of the fastest ever combine 20m sprint times, 2.76 seconds in the SA state combine of 2011.

The participants in the Gillette Grand Final Sprint 2014 were as follows:


Geelong                  Jordan Murdoch (1st)
Hawthorn                Billy Hartung (2nd)
Gold Coast             Jarred Ellis (3rd)
Melbourne              Jayden Hunt (4th)
Port Adelaide         Andrew Moore
St Kilda                   Clint Jones
Essendon              Patrick Ambrose
Brisbane Lions       Daniel McStay
North Melbourne    Luke McDonald

Other Participants

Adelaide                  Brodie Smith
Carlton                     Kane Lucas
Collingwood            Ben Kennedy
Fremantle                Zac Dawson
GWS                        Adam Tomlinson
Richmond               Bachar Houli
Sydney Swans       Daniel Robinson
West Coast             Will Schofield
Western Bulldogs  Jason Tutt

See a video of the 2014 race

2013 Patrick Dangerfield Adelaide

The 2013 Grand Final sprint was held before the main match. In the heats, Dangerfield won one, Gary Rohan the other. Patrick Dangerfield won the final for the third consecutive time. The field included Chris Yarran, Gary Rohan, Jordan Murdoch and Campbell Brown.

See a video of the 2013 race

2012 Patrick Dangerfield Adelaide

The race was held before the Grand Final, the heats starting at 12.25pm and the final at 1.12pm. As it has been in the last few years, the AFL sprint was sponsored by Gillette, with $5000 in prize-money for the winner. The winner was Patrick Dangerfield of Adelaide (repeating his win from 2011), with Sydney's Harry Cunningham second and Hawthorn's Angus Litherland third. The winning time according to the TV timer was 10.84 seconds. See a video of the 2012 race, and also the heats.

Carlton: Kane Lucas (6th)
Essendon: Stewart Crameri (7th)
Hawthorn: Angus Litherland (3rd)
Adelaide: Patrick Dangerfield (1st)
Sydney: Harry Cunningham (2nd)
West Coast: Ashley Smith (5th)
North Melbourne: Shaun Atley (4th)
Gold Coast Suns: Campbell Brown (8th)
Heat 1
Sydney: Harry Cunningham (1st)
West Coast: Ashley Smith (3rd)
GWS Giants: Tomas Bugg
St Kilda: David Armitage
Carlton: Kane Lucas (4th)
Melbourne: Lynden Dunn
Collingwood: Paul Seedsman
Fremantle: Tendai Mzungu
North Melbourne: Shaun Atley (2nd)
Heat 2
Adelaide: Patrick Dangerfield (1st)
Brisbane Lions: Ben Hudson
Richmond: Chris Newman
Gold Coast Suns: Campbell Brown (4th)
Essendon: Stewart Crameri (3rd)
Port Adelaide: Aaron Young
Geelong Cats: Billie Smedts
Hawthorn: Angus Litherland (2nd)
Western Bulldogs: Liam Picken

2011 Patrick Dangerfield Adelaide

The prize for 1st was $5000. See a video of the 2011 race. There were only nine competitors in the final. Sam Blease of Melbourne did not start.

Jordan Williams (Hawthorn)
Lewis Jetta (Sydney, 3rd)
Luke Rounds (Collingwood)
Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide, 1st)
Tim Golds (GWS, 2nd)
Joel Wilkinson (Gold Coast)
Jacob Brennan (West Coast)
Dawson Simpson (Geelong)
Daniel Rich (Brisbane)
Sam Blease (Melbourne) did not start

2010 Luke Miles St Kilda

Jack Redden (Brisbane)
Richard Douglas (Adelaide)
Tim Golds (GWS) 2nd
Luke Miles (St Kilda) 1st
Daniel Menzel (Geelong)
Garrick Ibbotson (Fremantle)
Lewis Jetta (Sydney Swans) 3rd
Trent Mackenzie (Gold Coast)
Ben Nason (Richmond)

other competitors (who did not make the final):
Carlton, Marc Murphy
Collingwood, Ryan Cook
Essendon, Jake Melksham
Hawthorn, Ben Stratton
Kangaroos, Liam Anthony
Melbourne, Jack Watts
Port Adelaide, Danyle Pearce
West Coast, Dean Cox
Western Bulldogs, Liam Picken

See video of heat 1 and heat 2.

2009 Rhys Stanley St Kilda

The event reverted to a scratch race (all runners cover 100m) after 3 years as a handicap event. See a video of the 2009 race.

Final: (scratch race)
Lane 1: Stephen Hill - Fremantle
Lane 2: Alex Rance - Richmond
Lane 3: Trent McKenzie - Gold Coast (2nd)
Lane 4: Wade Thompson - Port Adelaide (3rd)
Lane 5: Paddy Ryder - Essendon
Lane 6: Rhys Stanley - St Kilda (1st)
Lane 7: Brad Dick - Collingwood
Lane 8: Mike Pyke - Sydney

Heat 1:
Adelaide – Andy Otten
Brisbane – Tom Rockliff
Carlton – Andrew Walker
Collingwood – Brad Dick
Essendon – Paddy Ryder
Fremantle – Stephen Hill
Geelong – Taylor Hunt
Hawthorn – Liam Shiels
Heat 2:
Kangaroos – Warren Benjamin
Melbourne – Colin Sylvia
Port Adelaide – Wade Thompson
Richmond – Alex Rance
St Kilda – Rhys Stanley
Sydney – Mike Pyke
West Coast – Nic Naitanui
Western Bulldogs – Liam Picken

2008 Matthew White Richmond

A handicap event; Matthew White started from scratch in the final, all others from 2m. $5000 prize to the winner. See a video of the 2008 race.

1. Jason Akermanis (Western Bulldogs) 5th
2. Tom Logan (Port Adelaide) 8th
3. Garrick Ibbotson (Fremantle) 4th
4. Nathan Djerrkura (Geelong) 3rd
5. Stefan Martin (Melbourne) 2nd
6. Matthew White (Richmond) 1st
7. Simon Wiggins (Carlton) 7th
8. Zac Dawson (Hawthorn) 6th

2007Jake King Richmond

It was a handicap event for the third and last time. Jake King started from 2m. Also in the final was Will Schofield (WC). See a poor video of the 2007 race.

Heat 1
Tyson Goldsack (Coll) Scratch
Robert Copeland (BL) Scratch
Simon Wiggins (Carl) Scratch
Aaron Fiora (Stk) 2m
Jake King (Rich) 2m
Eddie Sansbury (Roos) 4m
Brent Guera (Haw) 4m
Simon Goodwin (Adel) 4m

Heat 2
Nathan Krakouer (Port) Scratch
Farren Ray (Dogs) Scratch
Joel Reynolds (Geel) 2m
Sean Dempster (Swans) 2m
Paddy Ryder (Ess) 2m
Russell Robertson (Melb) 4m
Will Schofield (WC) 4m (1st in heat)
Paul Haselby (Frem) 6m (last in heat)

2006 Brendan Fevola Carlton

A handicap event for the first time, Fev was front marker by a good distance. Apparently the contestants' times over 20 meters were sourced from their clubs and sent to Athletics Australia, which then devised the handicap marks for each player. Behind Fev was Jason Winderlich (Essendon) (2nd) and Nathan Folely (Richmond) (3rd). Both Winderlich and Foley were off the same mark, about 8m behind Fev. Also in the field were Danyle Pearce (Port Adelaide) and Russell Robertson (Melbourne). Shannon Byrnes (Geelong) was in the heats but did not make the final.

2005 Brett Deledio Richmond

2nd was Daniel Bell (Melbourne), 3rd Shannon Byrnes (Geelong)

Heat 1
James Begley (Adelaide)
Jordon Bannister (Carlton)
Ricky Dyson (Essendon)
Shannon Byrnes (Geelong)
Shannon Watt (Kangaroos)
Brett Deledio (Richmond)
Troy Schwarze (St Kilda)
Ben Sharp (West Coast)

Heat 2
Leigh Ryswyk (Brisbane)
Chris Egan (Collingwood)
Byron Schammer (Fremantle)
Campbell Brown (Hawthorn)
Daniel Bell (Melbourne)
Danyle Pearce (Port Adelaide)
Guy Campbell (Sydney)
Cameron Faulkner (Western Bulldogs)

2004 James Walker Fremantle

 $5000 prize money for the winner. The top 5 placings in the final were:

  1. James Walker (Frem)
  2. Michael Stevens (Kang)
  3. Luke Jericho (Adel)
  4. Daniel Jackson (Rich)
  5. Damien Cupido (Ess)

Luke Williams from Melbourne was in the race.

2003 James Walker Fremantle

The final included:

Fremantle’s James Walker
Sydney’s Jared Crouch
Geelong’s David Wojcinski
Essendon’s Damian Cupido
Melbourne’s Luke Williams.

The compete field for the heats:

2002 Jared Crouch Sydney Swans

The event was called the NINTENDO GAMECUBE AFL SPRINT. The winner collected three $5000 cheques - one for themselves, one for their club and one to be given to charity. Below is a published list for the sprint heats, though other less official sources has some other competitors: S. Burgoyne (Port Adelaide), Shane Harvey (Essendon) and Rhys Shaw (Collingwood). Campbell Brown and Jared Crouch won their heats. In the final, Jordan McMahon got off to a blistering start, however, he was overtaken by Jared Crouch. Crouch just beat Chatfield at the line.

Heat 1
Brisbane, Nathan Clarke
Collingwood, Damien Adkins
Geelong, Adam Chatfield
Fremantle, Troy Simmonds
West Coast, Daniel Kerr
Sydney, Jared Crouch
Western Bulldogs, Jordon McMahon
Kangaroos, Brent Harvey

Heat 2
Hawthorn, Campbell Brown
Adelaide, Andrew Crowell
Carlton, Brendan Fevola
Richmond, Greg Tivendale
St Kilda, Xavier Clarke
Melbourne, Ross Funcke
Port Adelaide, Matthew Bishop
Essendon, Jordon Bannister

1988-2001 not held

1987 Russell Richards Melbourne

Fourth time lucky for Richards. He had previously finished 3rd twice.


Russell Richards from Melbourne was in the race. That's all I know so far.

1985 Geoff Ablett St Kilda

Geoff Ablett had won the sprint three times previously, while representing Hawthorn. The prize money was $1000 for 1st, $300 for second and $200 for third. The race included competitors from 11 out of the 12 clubs (no one from Hawthorn).

afl grand final sprint 1985Lineup:
1. Fraser Murphy (Carlton)
2. Allan Eade (Collingwood)
3. Steven Clark (Essendon)
4. Richard Osborne (Fitzroy)
5. Michael Ford (Footscray)
6. Michael Kol (Geelong) (2nd)
7. Russell Richards (Melbourne) (3rd)
8. John Collins (North Melbourne)
9. Peter Czerkaski (Richmond)
10. Geoff Ablett (St Kilda) (1st)
11. Mark Bayes (Sydney Swans)

There is some dispute about the final placing in this event, though this front view of the finish taken from the video clearly shows Ablett (St Kilda) winning. See the video of the race.

1984 Doug Cox Essendon

Geoff Ablett, competing for Richmond, came a close second. Third was Russell Richards. The prize money was $1000 for 1st, $300 for second and $200 for third. To qualify, the competitors must have competed in 5 senior matches during the 1984 season. See video.

1. Alex Marcou (Carlton)
2. Darren Millane (Collingwood)
3. Doug Cox (Essendon) (1st)
4. Bill Lokan (Fitzroy)
5. Darren Baxter (Footscray)
6. Michael Kol (Geelong)
7. Russell Richards (Melbourne) (3rd)
8. Angelo Petraglia (North Melbourne)
9. Geoff Ablett (Richmond) (2nd)
10. David Murphy (Sydney Swans)
11. Silvio Foschini (St Kilda)

1983 Frank Marchesani Carlton

The 'World of Sport' Sprint. Medallions were provided to all contestants by Brim Medallions. The sprint was organized by the Victorian Athletic League, the winner receiving $1000, 2nd $300 and 3rd $200. Essendon and Hawthorn, as the Grand Final participants, did not provide any runners. John Lucas of the Swans was named prior to the event as their entry. Cliff Young presented the award to the winner.

competitors (not in finishing order)

See the video of the 1983 race.

1982 Michael 'Mick' Conlan Fitzroy

The event was called the World of Sport Sprint. Frank Marchesani of Carlton was 2nd. Paul O'Brien from Melbourne was also competing.

1981 Geoff Ablett Hawthorn

Geoff is the older brother of Geelong great Gary Ablett Snr. There was no competitors from Carlton and Collingwood as they were competing in the Grand Final. Prize money was $1000 for 1st, $300 for 2nd and $200 for 3rd. See video.

1. Neil Clark (Essendon)
2. Peter Francis (Fitzroy)
3. Brian Perrin (Footscray)
4. Robert Neil (Geelong)
5. Geoff Ablett (Hawthorn) (1st)
6. Tony Elshaug (Melbourne) (3rd)
7. Rodney Wright (North Melbourne)
8. Matthew Wall (Richmond)
9. Silvio Foschini (South Melbourne)
10. Doug Cox (St Kilda) (2nd)

1980 vfl sprint1980 Geoff Ablett Hawthorn

Ablett won $1,000 plus Moulinex kitchen appliances for his winning run. 2nd was Fitzroy's Frank Marchesani who won $200. Also competing was Peter Francis (Carlton), Tony Elshaug (Melbourne), Stephen Carey (Essendon), Neil Cordy (Footscray) and Stephen Lunn (Geelong).

1979 Geoff Ablett Hawthorn

2nd was Fitzroy's Michael Conlan. Cameron Clayton from Melbourne was also competing.

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