NAB League Boys Fitness Testing 2021

Here are the fitness testing results from the NAB League Boys 2021 testing day, held at Maribyrnong College, Victoria on 6th March 2021. The best 450 U19 boys from Victoria completed the AFL draft testing in front of club recruiters. See also the results of the girls in 2021.

Top-10 Results

80 Josh Goater (Calder) 
80 Michael Ktona (Calder)  
78 Harvey Gallagher (Bendigo)
78 Lochlan Jenkins (Oakleigh) 
77 Tyreece Leiu (Eastern)
75 David Brinker-Ritchie (Gippsland)  
75 Joshua Gibcus (GWV Revels)  
75 Joshua Misiti (Calder)  
75 Tom Brown (Murray)     
75 Mitchell Moschetti (Gippsland) 

96 Jai Serong (Gippsland)
96 Josh Goater (Calder)   
95 Joshua Gibcus (GWV Rebels) 
95 Tyler Norton (Murray)   
94 Tom Brown (Murray)  
94 William Bowden (Murray)  
94 Ethan Warburton (Murray)  
92 Joshua Misiti (Calder)   
92 Joshua Rachele (Murray)    
91 Lachlan Rathjen (Gippsland)     

20m SPRINT (seconds)
2.88 Lachlan Rathjen (Gippsland)
2.88 Lachlan Green (Western)
2.89 Josh Sticca (Northern)
2.91 Tyler Norton (Murray) 
2.91 Kobi George (Dandenong)
2.92 Josh Goater (Calder)  
2.93 Cooper Smith (Bendigo)
2.94 Billy Cootee (Western)  
2.94 Blake Howes (Sandringham)   
2.95 Dominic Akuei (Northern) 

AGILITY (seconds)
7.78 Luke Bartolo (Geelong)  
7.78 Jack Hickman (Bendigo)  
7.88 Darcy Wilmot (Northern)   
7.96 Jess McGrath (Gippsland)   
7.98 Youseph Dib (Oakleigh)   
7.99 Judson Clarke (Dandenong)    
8.00 Will Bromley (Oakleigh)   
8.02 Tom Brown (Murray)     
8.04 Luke Nankervis (Sandringham)
8.04 Gennaro Bove (Geelong)   

YO-YO TEST (level)
21.8 Brodie Hicks (Western)  
21.8 Jack Hickman (Bendigo)     
21.8 Lachlan Hodder (Dandenong)  
21.8 Jack Forer (Sandringham)   
21.7 Ned Crowe (Sandringham)    
21.7 Jake Drever (GWV Rebels) 
21.6 Sam Clifford (Western)    
21.6 Liam O'Dea (Eastern)   
21.5 Luca Anderson (Oakleigh)   
21.5 Cooper Whitehill (Gippsland) 

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