NAB League Fitness Testing 2020

Here are the fitness testing results from the NAB League Boys 2020 testing day, held during March 2020. As the coronavirus restrictions were esculating, it was decided to hold the testing days at the players home states. Rookie Me hosted the preseason testing in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania, while the AFL completed testing in Western Australia and NSW/ACT.

Top Results

Standing Vertical Jump: (cm)

84 Tristan Hurford (Claremont)
84 Luke Gaudion (Eastern Ranges)
82 Seth Roberts (Claremont)
80 Joel Western (Claremont)
80 Lachlan Squire (GWS GIANTS Academy)
77 Jack Briskey (Brisbane Lions Academy)
77 Zac Meloncelli (Perth)
76 six players

Running Vertical Jump (Best): (cm)

100cm Chayse Grabe-Paparone (Subiaco)
99 Tristan Hurford (Claremont)
95 Noah Farrow (West Perth)
94 Brandon Walker (East Fremantle)
94 James Sullivan (Swan Districts)
93 Riley Buckland (Gold Coast SUNS Academy)
93 Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (Oakleigh)
92 Seth Roberts (Claremont)
92 Angus Fraser (South Fremantle)
92 Bailey Jenkin (Swan Districts)
92 Matthew Borlace (Central District)
92 Archie Perkins (Sandringham)

20m Sprint: (seconds)

2.86 Riley Colborne (South Fremantle)
2.87 Zac Meloncelli (Perth)
2.87 Riley Fitzroy (Sydney Swans Academy)
2.88 Jackson Cardillo (Calder Cannons)
2.89 Michael Lewis (Sandringham Dragons)
2.89 Flynn Maguire (Oakleigh Chargers)
2.89 Charlie Brauer (Geelong Falcons)
2.90 Kobi George (Dandenong Stingrays)
2.90 Lachlan Green (Western Jets)
2.90 Jordan Endemann (Sydney Swans Academy)

Agility: (seconds)

7.76 Blake Reid (Geelong Falcons)
7.79 Charlie Lazzaro (Geelong Falcons)
7.83 Harrison White (Western Jets)
7.84 Tahj Abberley (Brisbane Lions Academy)
7.86 Darcy Prest (Brisbane Lions Academy)
7.86 Caleb Hammond (Brisbane Lions Academy)
7.90 Oliver Wiltshire (Geelong Falcons)
7.92 Harvey Gallagher (Bendigo Pioneers)
7.92 Sam Butler (GWV Rebels)
7.92 Ty Sears (Swan Districts)

Yo-Yo Test: (level)

22.8 Harry Grant (GWS GIANTS Academy)
22.3 Lachlan Squire (GWS GIANTS Academy)
22.1 Harry Sullivan (Dandenong Stingrays)
22.1 Noah Gadsby (Geelong Falcons)
22.0 Alex Crowe (East Fremantle)
22.0 Teakle Bohan (East Fremantle)
21.9 ten players

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