NAB League Boys Fitness Testing 2019

Here are the fitness testing results from the NAB League Boys 2019 testing day, held on 9th March 2019. The event was hosted by Rookie Me at Maribyrnong College, with more than 600 athletes from across the NAB League and NAB League Girls competition. The boys took part in the standing and running vertical jump, 20m sprints, AFL agility test, and the yo-yo test. See also the girls results from 2019.

Top-10 Results

Standing Vertical Jump: (cm)

79 Thomas Cartwright (Calder)
70 Max Simpson (Calder)
67 Jonah Potter (Northern)
66 James Cleaver (GWV)
65 Archie Manton (Western)
63 Daniel Mott (Calder)
63 Jackson Hannah (Sandringham)
63 Blake Kuipers (Dandenong)
63 John Roysmith (Dandenong)
63 James Mittel (Bendigo)

Running Vertical Jump - best: (cm)

85 Thomas Cartwright (Calder)
84 Cooper Vick (Bendigo)
83 Nash Reynolds (Western)
81 Jay Robertson (Oakleigh)
80 Sam Flanders (Gippsland)
80 James Cleaver (GWV)
79 Oscar Sasalu (Calder)
79 Giacomo Thomas (Calder)
79 Hugo Ralphsmith (Sandringham)
77 Riley Clarke (Bendigo)

20m Sprint: (seconds)

2.84 Jonah Potter (Northern)
2.85 Archie Perkins (Sandringham)
2.86 Tom Fitzpatrick (Gippsland)
2.88 Kade Brown (Murray)
2.89 Joshua Crawford (Murray)
2.91 Nick Bryan (Oakleigh)
2.91 Regan Uwandu (Northern)
2.91 James Cleaver (GWV)

AFL Agility Test: (seconds)

7.69 Harrison White (Western)
7.87 James Cleaver (GWV)
7.88 Blake Reid (Geelong)
7.93 Mitch Riordan (Dandenong)
7.96 Riley Ironside (Bendigo)
8.01 Jake Bowey (Sandringham)
8.02 Charlie Ham (Geelong)
8.02 Thomson Dow (Bendigo)
8.02 Jack Hickman (Bendigo)
8.03 Lachlan Smith (Geelong)
8.03 Joey Ayton-Delaney (Oakleigh)

Yo-Yo Test: (level)

22.4 Harry Sharp (GWV)
22.1 Jack Hickman (Bendigo)
22.1 Chas Karpala (Geelong)
22.1 Mitch Mellis (Eastern)
22.1 Sam Clifford (Western)
22.1 Jay Rantall (GWV)
21.8 Nicholas Kitchell (Northern)
21.7 Matthew Rowell (Oakleigh)
21.6 Ben Nikolovski (Northern)
21.6 Cooper Barbera (Northern)
21.6 Harrison White (Western)

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