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AFL Draft Combine Results 2021

Here are the top fitness test results from the 2021 NAB AFL Draft Combine. The usual annual national draft Combine that has been held in Melbourne for the past decade was not held due to COVID lockdowns and border restrictions (same as last year). Instead, there was a series of separate state-based testing combines rather than a single national combine.

There were five individual camps in Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. NSW/ACT and Vic metro did not undertake any combine testing, though those athletes submitted 2km time trial results via the Strava app.

Below is our top lists combining all the known state-based results. Some of the standout performances were East Fremantle's Corey Warner who had top-10 finishes in four tests and Leek Alleer who smashed the running vertical jump combine record with a whopping 107cm.

See also the men's top draft camp results for the top performers from each year since 2004. A 2021 women's combine was also held in July, with testing also conducted at the players' home states. See the invited player lists for the men and women.

Standing Vertical Jump (cm)

Rank Height (cm) Name
1 76 Corey Warner
2 75 William Bella
  75 Leek Alleer
  75 Noah Pegoraro
5 73 Lochlan Paton
6 72 Tom Brown
  72 Matt Johnson
  72 Luke Polson
9 71 Sam Butler
  71 Richard Farmer
  71 Brady Hough

Running Vertical Jump Result (cm) - best score from right and left foot take-off jumps

Rank Height (cm) Name
1 107 Leek Alleer
2 100 Corey Warner
3 95 Josh Gibcus
4 93 Jahmal Stretch
5 92 Noah Pegoraro
6 91 Tyler McGinniss
7 89 Matt Johnson
8 88 Kai Lohmann
9 88 Luke Polson
10 87 Sam Butler

Agility Run Result (seconds)

Rank Time (seconds) Name
1 7.940 Alastair Lord
2 8.006 Bryce Watson
3 8.061 Matt Johnson
4 8.063 Jesse Motlop
5 8.070 Cooper Beecken
6 8.080 Ronald Fejo Jnr
7 8.189 Arthur Jones
8 8.200 Cooper Murley
9 8.226 Toby Triffett
10 8.238 Judd Mcvee

20m Sprint Result (seconds)

These results are not being considered for all time bests as they were not all conducted under the same conditions. This year tests were conducted around Australia on outdoor tracks and sometimes with an assisting tailwind.

Rank Result (seconds) Name
1 2.845 Harvey Harrison
2 2.898 Taj Woewodin
3 2.900 Luke Polson
4 2.910 Hugh Stagg
5 2.926 Noah Pegoraro
6 2.951 Bryce Watson
7 2.960 Brad Hough
8 2.969 Corey Warner
9 2.974 Sam Butler
10 2.976 Mitchell Knevitt

2-km time Trial Test

Rank Result Name
1 5:48 Cooper Hamilton
2 5:57 Josh Ward (Strava)
3 5:58 Hamish Sinnott
4 5:59 Josh Fahey (Strava)
5 6:05 Ned Long (Strava)
6 6:07 Karl Worner (Strava)
7 6:08 Blake Howes (Strava)
8 6:08 Connor MacDonald (Strava)
9 6:10 Finn Callaghan (Strava)
10 6:11 Charlie Dean (Strava)

No data is available for height, weight, hand span and arm span tests. The yo-yo test was not held in 2021.

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