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AFLW Combine Results for 2021

Here are the top fitness test results from the 2021 AFLW draft combine. The testing was held at the player's home states, at various dates in July 2021. There was a total of 78 girls selected to be tested (see player list). The testing of the Victorian players was restricted to the 2km time trial test only, which was conducted using the Strava app like last year, with the players running on their own under varying conditions. The yo-yo test was not conducted.

20 Meter Sprint Result (seconds)

Rank Result (seconds) Name
1 3.210 Grace Mulvahil (NT)
2 3.280 Maddy Hendrie (NSW)
3 3.281 Steph O'Brien (Qld)
4 3.292 Teagan Levi (Qld)
5 3.295 Gypsy Schirmer (SA)

Standing Vertical Jump (cm)

Rank Height (cm) Name
1 70 Sarah Lakay (WA)
2 64 Madison Goodwin (Qld)
3 62 Teagan Levi (Qld)
4 59 Amy Franklin (WA)
5 58 Emma Nanut (WA)

Running Vertical Jump (cm) - best of left or right foot takeoff

Rank Height (cm) Name
1 78 Sarah Lakay (WA)
2 74 Madison Goodwin (Qld)
3 74 Amy Franklin (WA)
4 72 Tessa Doumanis (WA)
5 70 Teagan Levi (Qld)

Agility Run Result (seconds)

Rank Time (seconds) Name
1 8.52 Tahlita Buethke (SA)
2 8.57 Makaela Tuhakaraina (WA)
3 8.58 Abbie Ballard (SA)
4 8.60 Jess Doyle (NSW)
5 8.62 Gypsy Schirmer (SA)

2-km time trial test (min:sec)

Rank Time Name
1 7:55 Matilda Dyke (WA)
2 7:56 Leah Cutting (SA)
3 8:19 Abby Hewett (Qld)
4 8:19 Bella Clarke (NT)
5 8:25 Maggie Harmer (Qld)

The Victorian players completed their 2km time trial using the Strava app, and their times are not official. The top results from Victorian based players were: Zali Friswell, 7:08min, Keeley Sherar, 7:25min, Chloe Leonard, 7:42min, Grace Matser, 7:42min and Georgie Prespakis, 7:45min.


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