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AFL Draft Camp Results 2003

Here are the top fitness test results from the 2003 AFL draft camp. See also top draft camp results for a top performers from each year, and other results from most recent years testing.


Jacob Surjan (South Fremantle) – 8.08
Tom Logan (Waratahs-Darwin) – 8.12
Ricky Dyson (Northern Knights) – 8.14
Alex Gilmour (Tassie Mariners) – 8.16
Michael Pettigrew (West Perth) – 8.23
Callum Burges (West Perth) – 8.24
Colin Sylvia (Bendigo Pioneers) – 8.26
Kane Tenace (Murray Bushrangers) – 8.34
Matthew Moody (South Fremantle) – 8.34
Chad Jones (Claremont) – 8.42

20-meter sprint

Michael Pettigrew (West Perth) – 2.85
Kane Tenace (Murray Bushrangers) – 2.89
Brent Stanton (Northern Knights) – 2.90
Jacob Surjan (South Fremantle) – 2.90
Alex Gilmour (Tassie Mariners) – 2.93
Leigh Ryswyk (Southport) – 2.95
Brett Jones (Claremont) – 2.96
Jed Adcock (North Ballarat Rebels) – 2.96
Ricky Dyson (Northern Knights) – 2.96
Chad Jones (Claremont) – 2.97
Ryley Dunn (Murray Bushrangers) – 2.97

Vertical jump (standing)

Colin Sylvia (Bendigo Pioneers) – 71cm
Michael Pettigrew (West Perth) – 70cm
Jason Whitehead (Woodville West Torrens) – 70cm
Raphael Clarke (St Marys-Darwin) – 66cm
Jed Adcock (North Ballarat Rebels) – 64cm
Luke Buckland (Geelong Falcons) – 63cm
Farren Ray (Peel Thunder) – 63cm
Joel Campbell (Pioneers-Alice Springs) – 62cm
Chris Stewart (Northern Knights) – 62cm
Ricky Dyson (Northern Knights) – 61cm
Ben Clifton (Calder Cannons) – 61cm
Kane Tenace (Murray Bushrangers) – 61cm
Alex Gilmour (Tassie Mariners) – 61cm

Vertical jump (running – right leg)

Tom Logan (Waratahs-Darwin) – 82m
Jake Furfaro (Mt Gravatt) – 82m
Andrew Walker (Bendigo Pioneers) – 82cm
Colin Sylvia (Bendigo Pioneers) – 80cm
Leigh Ryswyk (Southport) – 79cm
Alex Gilmour (Tassie Mariners) – 79cm
Jason Whitehead (Woodville West Torrens) – 78cm
Raphael Clarke (St Marys-Darwin) – 77cm
Michael Pettigrew (West Perth) – 77cm
Farren Ray (Peel Thunder) – 77cm

Vertical jump (running – left leg)

Jason Whitehead (Woodville West Torrens) – 88cm
Colin Sylvia (Bendigo Pioneers) – 88cm
Michael Pettigrew (West Perth) – 86cm
Jacob Surjan (South Fremantle) – 81cm
Brent Stanton (Northern Knights) – 81cm
Luke Buckland (Geelong Falcons) – 80cm
Zac Dawson (Calder Cannons) – 79cm
Callum Burges (West Perth) – 79cm
Brett Jones (Claremont) – 79cm
Josh Bartel (Murray Bushrangers) – 77cm
Jake Furfaro (Mt Gravatt) – 77cm
Farren Ray (Peel Thunder) – 77cm
Darren Brackenridge (North Adelaide) – 77cm

Shuttle Run (beep test)

Farren Ray (Peel Thunder) – Level 15 Shuttle 3
Andrew Walker (Bendigo Pioneers) – 14.11
Ricky Dyson (Northern Knights) – 14.7
Tom Logan (Waratahs-Darwin) – 14.6
Daniel McConnell (Eastern Ranges) – 14.6
Luke Peel (Sandringham Dragons) – 14.5
Luke Buckland (Geelong Falcons) – 14.4
Leigh Ryswyk (Southport) – 14.4
Brock McLean (Calder Cannons) – 14.4
Brent Stanton (Northern Knights) – 14.2
Bill Morrison (Tassie Mariners) – 14.2
Adam Bentick (Calder Cannons) – 14.1
Ryan Murphy (Gippsland Power) – 13.13

3km Time Trial

Andrew Walker (Bendigo Pioneers) – 10.04
Tom Logan (Waratahs-Darwin) – 10.04

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