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Thorpey fat or fit?

August 18th, 2006 · No Comments · Sports Nutrition, Swimming

Is Ian Thorpe fat? In a country where we have a real obesity problem, there are people calling one of the world’s greatest swimmers fat because he may have put on a couple of pounds.

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If he is out of shape, he has shown by his determination and previous workrate that he could easily get himself back to top form. It is most likely that he was just photographed in a non-flattering pose while eating junk food.

And there is nothing wrong with an elite sportsperson having some junk food every now and then. As part of a balanced diet, there is room for all types of food. As a swimmer, he would burn copious amounts of calories before most of us are even out of bed, and so he would need to eat a large quantity of food to provide his energy needs.

Let’s wait for the next major championship where he puts himself against the world’s best before we criticize him any more.

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