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Grunter Sharapova

February 1st, 2007 · No Comments · Tennis

I can’t stand to watch a women’s tennis match when the players grunt every time they hit the ball. I have no problem with them occasionally making a grunt as they strive for a difficult ball or put in an extra effort, but not every time they hit the ball. There is no rule against a tennis player grunting, unless in doing so they are distracting the opposition player. If they were making a loud noise as the other player was trying to hit the ball, then in could be distracting.

They should consider bringing in a rule to limit it, as it is turning people off the game. Anyone who follows tennis will see that there are other players who are also following suit, and I am sure there is a bunch of young players out there following in their idols. Now that the women are earning as much as the men in some tournaments, they should be doing their best to satisfy the sponsors and entertain the crowd, not putting them off.

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