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No Rules International Rules

November 6th, 2006 · No Comments · AFL

Every year a representative side from the Australian Football League play a series of games against an Irish Gaelic Football rep team, in what is called International Rules. The two games, AFL and Gaelic Football, are somewhat alike, so they have made up some rules that are a hybrid of the two games.

Every year the series is full of controversy, and this year was not an exception. The problem is usually a result of the interpretation of the rules, and that the Aussies are used to a more physical game and find it hard to hold back during the heat of a competitive game.

After Australia won the series this year, and after the Irish took some very hard knocks, they have come out crying for an end to the series. Of course, we will see games again next year, as both games do not have any other international scope and it makes good money for the amateur Irish players.

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