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No Grunting Please

November 23rd, 2006 · No Comments · Fitness, Tennis

A New York fitness club, which has outlets nationwide, has a long list of “dos and don’ts” that its members have to follow. That does not sound too bad. However, one of these rules is that no grunting is allowed, apparently to create a non-intimidating environment. And they enforce the rules too.

Recently, one of the club’s members was expelled for grunting. I don’t know if he ended up giving a bit more resistance, but eventually, Police Officers were called in by the management to escort the patron out. He admitted emitting several grunts when he was about to lift 227 kilograms.

I think sometimes you have to make some noise to get the most out of a lift, and it usually feels good too.


Where they need to stop the grunting is during women’s tennis matches. It really annoys me when I am trying to enjoy watching a game of tennis and all I can hear are the women grunting. The Wimbledon Championship has laid down the law in the past with regulating the clothing people could wear, now they should regulate the sounds the women can make too.

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