Kyle Field, USA

Kyle Field, located at College Station, Texas, is an American Football stadium that belongs to Texas A&M University. The stadium, which is also referred to as "Home of the 12th Man", has been used by the Aggies since 1904 from its initial rudimentary form.

It has an official seating capacity of 102,733 as of 2015 which makes it the fifth largest stadium in the world and the fourth largest stadium within the United States.

The stadium is primarily used for playing college football games. Texas A&M University Aggies host all their home games in this stadium. The highest attendance at the stadium was recorded on October 11, 2014, at 110,631, for a Texas A&M game against Ole Miss, in which the Aggies unfortunately lost by a big margin. The stadium received its nickname because of the support the Aggies get during their home games, where it is very common to see crowds exceeding the 100,000 mark.

The stadium is all about football. When the Aggies are not playing, the stadium is used for hosting playoff football games for various Texas high schools. And besides that, several football training camps are conducted during summer in which many young athletes take part.

This stadium is on the list of the top 10 World's Largest Sporting Stadiums.


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