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Example Informed Consent Form for Research Subjects

If you are conducting a research study, it is often necessary to get the informed consent of the participants, so they freely give their approval to participate in the study. Here we outline the key sections of what should be included in an informed consent form, including an example you can download for free. As each research project will be different, the free example form is in a word document format that you can edit to create your own informed consent that best suits your particular situation.

Research Description

Summarize the research project and the requirements of the subjects. A more detailed description of the project may be provided on another document, and the consent form may then just refer to the other document.

"A copy of the procedures of this investigation and a description of any possible risks and discomforts have been provided and has been discussed in detail with me."

Final Statement and Signature

Allow the participant to agree to all the statements and freely volunteer.

"This is to certify that I ____ (insert name) hereby agree to participate as a volunteer in this scientific investigation."

informed consent form for researchFree Download

Here you can download an example research consent form.

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