Tiger Woods Hero Rating

Here is the rating form for golfer Tiger Woods. This data collection was started about the time of his indiscretions that brought down his reputation, so his ratings probably reflect this. See also a hero profile of Tiger Woods which includes my ratings. See other heroes waiting to be rated.

star ratingsRate Tiger Woods as a Hero

Click on the stars to give a rating from 1 to 5 on how well Tiger Woods lives up to each criteria, using the rating scale. Answer to the best of your knowledge. The averages will be shown after you vote.

NOTE: this table has recently been reset due to a database problem, so the ratings may be unreliable until more votes are cast.

Hero Criteria Rating
How does he rate in terms of his skill level and achievements?
How does he rate in his actions as a role model?
How does he rate in his family relationships?
How does he rate for giving back to the community - charity work and helping others?
How does he rate in the wider community - is he well known outside of his sport?


Your ratings are recorded and counted as you click. Thanks to everyone for giving your opinion. You may leave a comment below if you wish.

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