Lance Armstrong Hero Rating (old)

Here is the rating results for the Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong, up until October 2012 when he was sensationally officially named as a cheat by the USADA. This will obviously have an impact on his rating as a hero, so the results up to that point have been archived, so they can be compared to new ratings collected since that time. See also a hero profile of Lance Armstrong which includes my own ratings.

star ratings Lance Armstrong Hero Rating (old)

The rating was based on scores from 1 to 5 on how well Armstrong lived up to each criteria, using the rating scale as shown here. The five different criteria have been determined to be the most important attributes of a sporting hero. For more details about these criteria, and why these were chosen, see What makes a Hero?

Hero Criteria Average Ratings
How does he rate in terms of his skill level and achievements?
61% (320 votes)
How does he rate in his actions as a role model?
60% (316 votes)
How does he rate in his family relationships?
58% (325 votes)
How does he rate for giving back to the community - charity work and helping others?
59% (324 votes)
How does he rate in the wider community - is he well known outside of his sport?
56% (326 votes)


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