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Hero Profile: Michael Jordan

Here is a profile of NBA basketball player Michael Jordan, with comments and my rating out of five for each of my five main characteristics of a sporting hero. You can also give your rating for Michael Jordan using the same criteria.

skill Michael Jordan played 14 exceptional seasons in the NBA, as well as a stint in baseball. In 1996, he was voted No.1 of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. 5
character In his public character, Michael appears to be a determined person, a perfectionist. He had to overcome many obstacles to reach the peak in his sport. In interviews he appears friendly and likeable. There was criticism of his ungrateful speech at the 2009 Hall of Fame, and he has past evidence of gambling addictions. 3.5
family Jordan's marriage to Juanita in 1989 produced three children. It lasted about 17 years, though the relationship was on and off a few times due to "irreconcilable differences,", and they finally split at the end of 2006. One catalyst for the breakup was a five-year illicit relationship with Karla Knafel. Jordan had allegedly paid his former lover $250,000 to keep their relationship a secret. 2
charity work He does not appear to be involved in high profile charity work. He occasionally can be found playing in celebrity charity golf tournaments. In 1996 he founded a Chicago area Boys & Girls Club and dedicated it to his father. There may be other examples. 2.5
popular culture Jordan is exceptionally well known in basketball and other circles, all around the world. He has been very well marketed. 4.5
hero rating Although he has retired from playing, Michael Jordan is still in the public eye and a hero and inspiration to many people. 70%

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