Sport Psychology Factors of Success in Sports

We had an online vote to rate the important factors of success in sports, including three sport psychology components that contribute to successful performance in sports. Below is a list of the top sports which people consider these factors to be most important, using the average of the three ratings.

You can also look at which sports are rated as most important for each of the factors individually, and also compare this to another analytic ability sports ranking list by the expert panel from ESPN which may provide a more reliable list.

Ranking Sport Rating
1 Lawn Bowls 88.0
2 Rugby League 86.3
3 Golf 86.0
4 Baseball 85.3
5 Sailing 85.3
6 Boxing 84.3
7 Waterpolo 84.3
8 Wrestling 84.3
9 Archery 84.0
10 Cycling  - Road 84.0


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