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Pre-workout Guide: What Are They and Are They Worth It?

Have you ever experienced going to the gym when you're not 100%? We all have experienced that at some point, and in fact, it's pretty common for people to go to the gym not in the mindset to grind some muscles. Sometimes even people go to the gym tired, lazy, and unmotivated, which can affect our performance in the gym quite severely. If you've researched how to avoid this from happening, you might have come across pre-workouts.

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What is a Pre-workout?

Pre-workout is a type of supplement designed to give gym-goers that extra boost of energy whenever they go to the gym and do their routines. They are often associated with caffeine, which is a common ingredient among others. This caffeinated boost will help gym-goers maximize their energy during their workout, make them last longer, have more reps, and add overall intensity to their workouts.

Pre-workouts come in different forms like capsules, food supplements, etc. The most common and popular form of pre-workouts is the powdered form that you can mix into water. They are even mixed with ingredients that mimic the flavor of your favorite sports drink, making it into a more enjoyable beverage.

As the name suggests, pre-workouts are typically consumed 30 minutes to an hour before you go to the gym to maximize their effect and have it fully in your bloodstream the moment you start your workout session.

For many fitness enthusiasts, pre-workout is good for your training, as it can make you more active and last longer during your workout routines. However, if you have second thoughts about incorporating them into your workout, you might want to learn more about them. 

Today, we will be discussing what pre-workouts are, how they work, and how they can help you in your gym sessions.

Benefits of Pre-workouts

The main goal of pre-workouts is to improve a person's exercise and workout routine. However, it should be noted that drinking pre-workouts alone is not enough as it should be paired with your typical balanced diet and the right type of exercise. 

Additionally, pre-workouts work even if you’re doing minimal workouts using barbends pick for home gym equipment. Overall, pre-workouts are treated as an energy-boosting supplement instead of a muscle enhancer. 

The theory behind this is that when you have the energy and the endurance to work out longer and harder, you will gain acceleration in your results. It can even push you into the right mindset to work out.

Although different brands of pre-workouts have their unique formula, there are mainstays for pre-workout substances where you can find ingredients like caffeine, amino acids, carbohydrates, B vitamins, and antioxidants.

These common ingredients are the key players that make you last longer and work out harder in the gym. The other ingredients that brands incorporate typically fall under flavoring or performance boosting.

Risks of Pre-workouts

Pre-workouts have been the topic of debate since their introduction because many people have raised concerns, primarily for their safety. That said, is pre-workout bad for you? Are they safe? The answer typically lies in the ingredients and the person taking it. 

Of course, since it's made with many substances as its ingredients, there's a small chance that the person taking it might be allergic to that substance. If the person has an underlying medical condition, it might even be dangerous for them.

Before you incorporate pre-workouts into your workout routine, it's best to consider your doctor's opinion first, especially if you have a medical condition. You can even discuss what brand you should buy if they deem it generally safe for you. As for you, you need to familiarize the ingredients of the product and monitor its effect on you every time you use it. 

One particular side effect of pre-workouts is being overstimulated or feeling jittery. This is when too much caffeine is present in someone's body. To avoid this, check the caffeine content of the supplement or buy a brand without caffeine as one of its ingredients.

Other potential side effects include an upset stomach, insomnia, and headaches. Usually, these symptoms can be avoided if you have a meal or at least a protein bar and the pre-workout before you begin your session. Also, insomnia is pretty much due to the caffeine and is most common when you take pre-workout and work out during the night.

Also, people with heart conditions should talk with their doctors first because of the caffeine content. If you take any kind of medication, you might want to discuss it first with your physician.

Final Words

You should just ignore pre-workouts altogether if you're already doing great with your workout sessions without using them. Remember that pre-workouts are performance-enhancing boosters, and if you don't need help in the department, you don't need them. So the question here is, are pre-workouts worth it? It depends on you.

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