What to eat prior to Competition

There are a few extra things you should consider when planning your pre-competition meal. Never compete without eating something beforehand, even if your event is first thing in the morning. Take along snacks to the event - do not reply on food at the venue as this is often not suitable. Most important of all, you should trial your pre-competition eating at training sessions to ensure that you are comfortable with the routine and that it does what you are aiming to do.

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps gave some insights into his pre-competition routine. He was asked what he eats before a big meet in the morning and how long before the meet that he eats that meal? His reply? "I usually try to eat lot of calories. With so many events it is important to sustain a high level of energy through the entire meet. I usually eat two hours before a meet."

At the 2008 Beijing Games a New York Post story Phelps' Pig Secret: He's Boy Gorge) reported he ate 4,000 calories for each meal. However, Phelps said later in an interview that it was a myth.

If you are preparing for a long distance event, you may wish to Carbohydrate Load in the days leading up to the competition.

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