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Food Service at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

At the Paris Olympic Games, there will be over 15,000 athletes from 208 territories and nations and a huge number of support staff that goes comes with them.

The Olympic Village food service faces the challenge of meeting the diverse nutritional needs of the athletes while considering factors such as special dietary needs, cultural preferences, language barriers, food safety, sustainability, timing, and cost management. It requires careful planning, coordination, and flexibility to ensure that athletes have access to suitable and nourishing meals throughout the Olympic Games.

local French produce local French produce will feature as part of the food provided to the athletes

Below is information about the Olympic Village food service and menu for Paris 2024. We have more pages about Olympic Village nutrition with links to information about the food supplied at other Olympic Games.

French cuisine is widely regarded as one of the finest, and it is expected that the food provided to the athletes will be of high quality and will showcase the variety and quality of French products, including cheeses and pastries, though French wine will be a noticeable absence.

French company Sodexo has been awarded the catering job at the village.

The Dining Spaces

The food hall at the Paris Olympic Village is expected to seat 3500 people, making it one of the biggest restaurants in the world. There will also be "grab and go" food points. Throughout the Olympics and Paralympics, they are expected to serve more than 13 million meals. There will be Olympic surfing events on the South Pacific island of Tahiti.

French Menu Items

Many athletes will be disappointed to know that there will be no French wine on the menu, or any form of alcohol for that matter. But the food on offer will be of a very high standard, as expected in France. One of the  "grab and go" food points will be dedicated exclusively to French cuisine prepared by chefs. There will of course be a boulangerie (a French bakery) producing baguettes, croissants and other pastries.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

As part of the aim to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, all meals will be based on seasonal products sourced locally, and plant-based food will represent one-third of the offerings at the Olympic Village. The effect will be a reduction of the carbon footprint of the meals by half.

To make the Games more sustainable and environmentally friendly, the main restaurant in the village will also use only reusable serving dishes and minimize single-use plastics. To avoid waste, any food not consumed will be given to food banks and associations. Food scraps will be turned into compost or used for biogas production.

All meat, milk products and eggs will be French-produced. Items which need to be imported, like bananas,  exotic fruits and rice, will all be organic or have fair trade certification.


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