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A Career in Sports Medicine

What sort of work is available in sports medicine?

The term Sports Medicine encompasses a broad field of careers involved in maintaining an athlete’s fitness and physical well being. Jobs in sports medicine entail assessing and treating injured athletes, advising and educating on prevention strategies, staying up to date with the latest research.

At one end there are the doctor / medical practitioners who specialize in sports medicine, requiring many years of study. However, this is not the only career in sports health, there are allied professions such as physiotherapy or physical therapists, massage therapists and podiatrists who may specialize in treating athletes. At the other end of the scale many sporting teams may employ a sports or athletic trainer who assists on a daily basis with basic knowledge in massage, strapping and response to acute sports injuries.

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How to get a job in sports medicine

If you are after a job in sports medicine, an interest in sports is very important, but that will only take you so far. If you wish to follow this career path, you should focus on the sciences in high school. Whatever the area of sports medicine that you go in to, the basic coursework will include areas of anatomy, biology, (bio)chemistry, physiology and other sciences. Do research into the available colleges/universities for your chosen field, and their costs and prerequisites. See more about sports medicine courses.

Medical practitioners require many years at university followed by training in the sports medicine specialty, other jobs usually require at least a Bachelors Degree. Althogh previously to work as an athletic trainer only required plenty of hands on experience and possibly a short diploma course, nowadays most jobs as Athletic Trainers require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. With the appropriate education, and experience and dedication to excellence you can get a successful career in the sports medicine field.

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There are many Sporting Injuries to know about, some Specific to Certain Sports. There's information about Injury Tretament, but Prevention is better, including by performing a Warm-Pp before each fitness session, which should include some Stretching.

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