Urine Testing

Aim: A urine test can help determine cause of a certain disease. It can check for presence of bacteria, parasites, kidney stones, crystal formation, blood and pus in urine or even presence of protein in urine.

Equipment required: Urine container or collection cup with name, age and gender. Tissue for hygienic purpose.

Procedure: Wash hands thoroughly before collecting urine. Clean the surrounding area of the genitalia. Collect mid-stream urine and make sure that the urine will not be contaminated with pubic hair or tissue paper. After collecting, cover the container and submit to the laboratory. Double check the name, age and gender as well as the date written on the container. For female with menstruation, the collection will be allowed 5 days from the last menstrual day. For babies and infants, a small plastic bag with tape at the side of the opening can be used to easily catch urine. If the order is for a 24-hour urine collection, the collection period usually starts in the morning. Do not collect the first urine in the morning. Instead, record it, but it will be the start of the 24-hour collection.  For the next 24 hours, collect all your urine in large container provided by the hospital or your doctor. It can usually hold about 1 gallon. Keep the large container in the refrigerator during the collection period. For the final void just right before the end of the 24-hour period, write down the time for documentation purpose. Avoid to contaminate the urine with feces, blood, pubic hair, tissue paper or any foreign material.

urine test collection

Results: Published tables are available for the interpretation of a urine result. The reference value is also indicated. With the reference value, we can further determine if a result is near the borderline or if it higher than the borderline and treatment should be implemented. The results may vary based on the guidelines followed by the laboratory of a certain facility. The doctor may also interpret the result based on the unit that he/she is following. The urine test result is usually released 30 minutes to 1 hour after collection or depends upon the rules of the facility.


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