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Stool Testing

Stool (fecal) sample testing involves the patient providing a small sample of their stool, which is then sent to a laboratory for examination. Testing of the sample can help diagnose a range of gastrointestinal conditions, such as infections, inflammatory disorders, and malabsorption syndromes.

faecal collection toolsfecal collection tools

Equipment required: disposable liner or paper, collection container and spatula, gloves, pen for labeling the container, transport bag.

Instructions: Clear written instructions are usually provided to the patient on how to collect the stool sample, including any dietary or medication restrictions before sample collection and proper storage and transport of the sample to the laboratory. It is important for the patient to read this information thoroughly beforehand and follow any specific instructions provided by their healthcare provider or laboratory regarding dietary restrictions, storage, and transportation of the fecal sample to ensure accurate test results.

Collection Procedure: The instructions below are a general guide to the common procedure to follow, and may differ from what each patient will receive. Firstly, lay out all the required items. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Then, place a disposable liner or paper in the toilet bowl to catch the stool and prevent it from touching the water. After defecating, use the spatula provided to transfer a small amount of stool into the container. Close the container lid tightly and label it with your name, date of birth, and collection date. Finally, place the container in a sealable plastic bag or transport container provided by the laboratory, and follow the delivery instructions or return it to your healthcare provider.

Laboratory Testing: In the laboratory, various tests can be performed on the stool sample, including microscopy to look for parasites or eggs, culture to identify bacterial pathogens, and molecular testing for viruses or genetic markers.

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