Pregnancy Test

Aim: A Pregnancy test is usually done using blood or urine. It detects the presence of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is already present in the urine and blood of a pregnant woman 10 days after conception or 6-12 days after fertilization. A pregnancy kit which can be purchased in the drug stores can also be used to check for pregnancy.

Equipment required: For a blood test: 3 cc to 5 cc syringe, cotton balls, alcohol, tourniquet, blood test tube with name, age and gender of the patient, and a test tube holder. For a urine test: urine container or collection cup with name, age and gender of the patient, and tissue paper. For a self-test: pregnancy kit, dropper, collection cup and tissue.

Procedure: Before going to an OB-GYNE, make sure to take note of your last menstrual period. For blood test: The medical technologist will check for your name. The area near the vein (where blood will be drawn) will be cleansed with a cotton ball with alcohol. Tourniquet will be wrapped around the forearm (near the site of vein where blood will be drawn). The medical technologist will ask you to close the fist. The medical technologist will draw blood from the vein with the use of a syringe. The patient can open fist. The blood will be placed in a tube for testing. The releasing of results will depend on the policy of the health institution. For some hospitals, results are being released after one hour.

urine test collection

For Urine test: Wash hands thoroughly before collecting urine. Clean the surrounding area of the genitalia. Collect midstream urine and make sure that the urine will not be contaminated with pubic hair or tissue paper. After collecting, cover the container and submit to the laboratory. Double check the name, age and gender as well as the date written on the container. For a self-test: Prepare the pregnancy kit. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Collect urine using the collection cup. Get urine from the cup using the dropper and instill some drops to the pregnancy kit. Wait for at least 3 minutes for the pregnancy kit to absorb urine and produce a result.

Rating: The results will either show a positive or negative result only. For the Pregnancy Kit Test: 2 lines means pregnancy; a single line means that the woman is not pregnant.


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