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History of the Winter Olympic Games Athlete Villages

Information about the athlete villages of the Winter Olympic Games

In the early days of the modern Olympics, athletes generally had to find and pay for their own hotel accommodation around the host city. As the number of athletes increased, so did the demand for housing. The first Olympic Village built was for the athletes of the 1924 Summer Olympics (see all Summer Olympics Athlete Villages). The first known Winter Olympic Games athlete village wasn't until Oslo in 1952. Up until then, there was less need for an Olympic Village for the Winter Olympics as there were fewer athletes attending, and they generally stayed in existing hotels in the host town or nearby.

Also, in mountainous regions in which the Winter Olympics are traditionally held, there is obviously less land available to build a custom athlete village. As the size of the Winter Olympic Games events have grown, the need for an athlete village has also increased, with more and more facilities required to cater to the large number of athletes and officials.

List of Athlete Villages

1960 Squaw Valley Athlete Village1960 Squaw Valley Athlete Village
2010 Vancouver Athlete Village 2010 Vancouver Athlete Village


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