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Javelin Throw at the Olympics

Javelin throw is grouped as a part of the track & field events in the Olympics. The men's event was introduced as a part of the 1906 Intercalated Games and the women's event was later added in 1932. Javelin throw is also a part of the Olympic decathlon event since 1912. There have also been the Freestyle Javelin and 2-handed Javelin events at previous Olympics.

The event has thus far been dominated by athletes from Finland, Sweden and Norway, who have won 32 of the 69 Olympic medals that has been awarded thus far, which also includes a clean sweep of medals in some Olympics.

Eric Lemming of Sweden, Jonni Myyrä of Finland, and Andreas Thorkildsen of Norway have all won the gold medal twice. Jan Železný of Czechia is the only man who has won three Olympic gold medals in the history of the event. In the women's event, Ruth Fuchs of Germany, and the current reigning champion Barbora Špotáková of Czechia are the only two time gold medal winners.

As of March 2016, the current Olympic record of 90.57m for the men's event is held by Andreas Thorkildsen of Norway, which was set during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. For the women's event, the record is 71.53m set by Osleidys Menéndez of Cuba during the 2004 Athens Games.

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