High Jump at the Olympics

High jump for both men and women is contested as a part of the track and field events at the Olympics. The men's event has been a part of the games since the first Olympics in 1896 and the women's high jump was later added in 1928. A standing version of high jump was also contested for a brief period from 1900 to 1912 after which it was discontinued.

The United States has been the most successful in Olympic high jump events winning a total of 43 medals thus far. Russia however seems to have a hold on the event of late winning the men's gold medal in three of the last four and women's gold medal in the last two Olympics.

Though there are men who have won multiple medals, it is a surprising fact that, in the history of the event, no man has won the gold medal multiple times. In the women's event however, Iolanda BalaƟ of Romania and Ulrike Meyfarth of Germany have each won gold medals twice.

As of March 2016, before the start of the Rio Games, the Olympic record of 2.39 m (7 ft 10 in) for the men's event is held by Charles Austin set in 1996. For the women's event, the record of 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in) was set by Yelena Slesarenko in 2004.

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