Sweden at the Olympics

The nordic nation of Sweden was one of the countries that competed at the first ever Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece in 1896 and they have participated in every Olympiad from then on. The Scandinavian nation boycotted the 1956 edition of the Olympics in Melbourne, Australia although it hosted the Game’s equestrian events in Stockholm earlier that year, where its dressage team won a bronze medal.

Sweden have also hosted the summer Olympic Games once, in 1912 when it was held in the city of Stockholm.

Swiss athletes saw action in the 2016 Rio Janeiro Games and expanded is medal-winning streak to 47 straight Olympic Games by bagging a silver medal in the women's road race. Aside from Sweden the only country that won a medal at every Olympic Games since 1908 is its Nordic neighbor Finland. The nation captured two gold medals in Rio Games thanks to Sarah Sjostrom (Women’s 100-meter Butterfly event in swimming and Jenny Rissveds (Women’s cross-country event in cycling.

Paavo Johannes Nurmi is no doubt the greatest Swede Olympian of all-time and one of the greatest athletes in the world as well as he piled up 12 medals (9 gold and 3 silver) at distances ranging from 1,500 meters and 20 kilometers.


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