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Paraguay at the Olympics

Paraguay made its maiden appearance in the Summer Olympic Games in 1968 and took part in the quadrennial meet from then on (with the exception of the 1980 edition of the Games since it joined a boycott that was led by the United States). The country made its first appearance in the Winter Olympics in 2014.

Paraguay's first and only medal of the Games certainly glitters like gold. The silver medal the country won in 2014 came from the world’s most popular sports, that is, the men’s football. The nation yielded to powerhouse Argentina 0-1 in the final round to end up winning the silver medal, while Italy took the bronze medal. The road to a podium finish for the Paraguay was indeed tough.

Although Paraguay swept its Group Play matches against Japan, Ghana and Italy, to advance in the next round, the country’s average winning margin of the country was just one goal. The nation defeated South Korea in the quarterfinals 3-2 and Iraq 3-1 in semifinal to advance in the final round.

As of late, the country had sent a lean delegation of seven participants in the Rio Olympics namely: Derlys Ayala and Carment Martinez in athletics, Arturo Rivarola and Gabriella Mosquiera in rowing, Paulo Reichardt in shooting and Marcelo Auirre in the table tennis.

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