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Football in Paraguay is so popular that it has taken a big part of the nation’s culture. The game was introduced in the 1800s. Their national team, Paraguay National Soccer Team, was able to obtain a silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games, the only Olympic medal that Paraguay has and won two tournaments of Copa America.

These accomplishments took Paraguay to the fourth rank of the most successful football nation in South America. Roque Luis Santa Cruz Cantero was very renowned to this sport. He was the captain of Paraguay national team. Cantero has scored three goals in four appearances in both 1999 FIFA World Youth Championship and 1999 Copa America.

Rugby Union is another popular sport in Paraguay due to the massive immigration from Europe. The Paraguayan Rugby Union was founded in 1970. They have a national team called “The Alligators” and they first represented the country in 1971. Also, because of the team’s achievements, the country ranked 38th worldwide and 5th in South America. The first Paraguayan Rugby player of note was Nelson Ayala. He played with the English Club Saracens F.C. in the 1950s. Ayala also played a prominent part in developing the game in his home country.

Trans-Chaco Rally is an annual rally event founded in 1970. The event is much loved by the Paraguayans. The main stage of the rally covers the entire Gran Chaco with a vast and tough terrain that will surely be a great challenge for the drivers.

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