Nauru at the Olympics

The Republic of Nauru, also formerly known as "Pleasant Island", established the Nauru Olympic Committee in 1991 and officially accepted to the international community in 1994. With their considerably small size, Nauru is considered as the smallest member nation, according to population, in the International Olympic Committee.

With all things considered, Nauru was able to participate in the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, Georgia, USA by sending three athletes to represent them in weightlifting. Quincy Detenamo (76kg), Gerard Garabwan (91kg), and Marcus Stephen (59kg) were Nauru's first ever Olympians.

In Sydney, Marcus Stephen will come back to the Summer Games along with female weightlifter Sheeva Peo and sprinter Cherico Detenamo. Most of the Nauruan Olympians are weightlifters. Nauruan weightlifters are doing well in the Summer Games but unfortunately, they are yet to win the country's first Olympic medal. The closest they got was an 8th place finish by Yukio Peter in the 2004 Summer Olympics held in Athens, Greece.

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