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Nauru’s heart has a special place for Australian Football. They have also made their way to competing internationally with their very own national football team called “Chiefs” but has not made much headway as of yet. This team has joined many competitions like Australian Football International Cup, Arafura Games and Barassi International Youth Tournament. The team won a gold medal at the Arafura Games and ranked 8th overall in the year 2002 in the International Cup for the Australian Rules football.

Another popualr sport in Nauru is weightlifting, all its medals in the Commonwealth Games have been achieved in that field. The Nauru football team (soccer) is not a member of the OFC or FIFA, and is therefore not eligible to enter either the World Cup or OFC Nations Cup. Tennis, golf and swimming are also some of the best spectator sports that can be seen in the country.

There is a sport stadium in Yare but this stadium does not meet the international standards mainly due to its age but recently, it is said that there is a more modern sports stadium that is being built in Meneng. This is expected to house many of the major sporting event of the country.

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