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Malawi at the Olympics

The Republic of Malawi had the Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association of Malawi recognized by the International Olympic Committee in January of 1968 but they were not able to participate in the Olympic Games that year.

In 1972, they made their official debut in Munich, West Germany by sending 16 athletes who participated in 17 events within 3 sports. Malawi chose to pass on the 1976 Summer Games as well as the 1980 Summer Olympics when they participated in the US-led boycott of the Moscow Summer Olympics and came back in 1984 with a 15-athlete delegation to Los Angeles, California, USA.

From this point on, Malawi has never missed a single Summer Games. With an almost perfect attendance record since their debut, Malawi is yet to snag their first-ever Olympic medal.

As with many African nations, Malawi has never participated in the Winter Olympics.

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