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Malawi is yet another landlocked country in Africa. Formerly known as Nyasaland, Malawi is one of the smallest African countries and it has come to be called "The Warm Heart of Africa". And Malawi has a special place in its heart for sports, football to be specific. This is mainly due to the fact that its history is mostly spent as a colony of the old British Empire who basically worships football. It is played by all boys at all levels in pretty much anything flat.

Netball is also quite popular, especially for schoolgirls. As a matter of fact, Malawi is a member of the International Federation of Netball Associations and is currently one of the very best internationally. They have made an impact in international meets like the COSANA tournament, Netball World Championships, and Commonwealth Games.

Other sports that have enjoyed quite a following in post-colonial Malawi include basketball and volleyball mainly through the help of US Peace Corps volunteers in the 1960's. Professional basketball players from the USA also comes in from time to time, through the efforts of the African Bible College to hold clinics which then produces some of their best players that moved on to play in the USA.

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