Haiti at the Olympics

Haiti's National Olympic Committee, the Comité Olympique Haïtien (HAI), was first created in 1914 and was only recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) a decade later (1924). The Haitian nation was first represented in the Summer Olympics when fencers André Corvington and Léon Thiércelin competed in Paris, France. From that point on, they had to wait for the Comité Olympique Haïtien to be internationally recognized before they will participate again.

In 1924, Haiti sent eleven athletes as well as two officials to Paris, France. The men's shooting team (Astrel Rolland, Destin Destine, Eloi Metullus, Ludovic Augustin, and Ludovic Valborge) made Haitian history when they became the first Haitians to ever win an Olympic medal. They won the bronze for the men's team free rifle in June 27, 1924.

The very next Olympiad, Haiti again won the silver when Silvio Cator took the second place in men's long jump in 1928 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since then, Haiti is yet to win another Olympic medal.

Haiti is also yet to send their first ever contingent to the Winter Olympics.



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