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Sport in Haiti

The most popular sport in Haiti is association football, though basketball is slowly but steadily gaining popularity, especially among the youth.

The Haiti national football team was the second Caribbean team to ever make it to the World Cup, in 1974. They also won the Carribean Nation Cup in 2007. One of the most well-known football player from Haiti is Joseph Eduard Gaetjens who played for the national football team of the United States and scored the winning goal of the 1950 FIFA World Cup.

In 1974, the Haiti national football team qualified for the World Cup. The biggest name of team at that time was Emmanuel Sanon who had played in more qualifying matches than any other Haitian in the team. It is however impossible to talk about Haitian football without mentioning Sylvio Cator. He started to gain popularity when he won the silver in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games for long jump. He also had a hand in popularizing football in Haiti which is why the most popular and largest stadium in Haiti is named after him.

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