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Egypt at the Olympics

The Egyptian Olympic Committee (EGY) was established in 1910 and was recognized the International Olympic Committee that very same year. This allowed Egypt to organize what they could and participate in the 1912 Summer Games which was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Egypt missed the Summer Games only twice (1932 and 1980). Egypt was part of the boycottt of the Olympic Games in 1956, 1976 and 1980, but still competed in some events in 1956 and 1976. In 1960 they competed as part of the United Arab Republic, which was a union between Egypt and Syria. In 1964 and 1968 they also competed under the name United Arab Republic, but without the support of Syria.

At their first attendance, fencer A M Hassanein was the sole representative for Egypt to the Summer Games. Egypt had had to wait until 1928 for their very first Olympic medal. That year, they got not one but four Olympic medals. Weightlifter El Sayed Nosseir became Egypt's first-ever Olympic gold medalist in July 29, 1928 when he won in the men's 82.5 kg. division. A few days later, wrestler Ibrahim Moustafa took the top spot for the men's Greco-Roman light heavyweight division in August 5. Diver Farid Simaika won the bronze in the men's 3 meter springboard and the silver for the men's 10 meter platform the very next day.

Since 1928, Egypt has been winning Olympic medals from time to time but they are yet to establish themselves as one of the most consistent Olympic medal winners. They had a winning streak of three consecutive Summer Games (1936 – 1952) then didn't win anything in 1956. They won two medals in 1960 but entered a dry-spell that lasted four Summer Olympics before they missed the 1980 Games. They won a single medal in 1984 and then enter a drought period that again lasted four Summer Games (1988 to 2000).

Weight lifting and wrestling are traditionally the strong sports for Egypt at the Olympics.

Egypt has also tried their hand in the Winter Games in 1984. Alpine skier Jamil El-Reedy represented Egypt for the Winter Games in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia but he was not able to rank higher than 46 though. After that, Egypt has never been seen in the Winter Olympics.


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