The Republic of the Congo at the Olympics

The Congolese flag first flew in the Olympics in 1964 when they sent a two-man athletics delegation to Tokyo, Japan. Henri Elendé for men's high jump and Léon Yombe for men's 100 meters are the first two athletes that represented Congo in the Summer Games.

Congo then missed the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico, and then came back in 1972 for the Munich Olympic Games. They then missed the 1976 Montreal Games then came back with the largest delegation they ever had in Moscow, USSR.

In 1980, Congo sent 24 athletes that includes 4 athletes for athletics (Théophile Nkounkou, Antoine Kiakouama, Emmanuel Mpioh, and Bernard Mabikana, boxer Alphonse Matoubela, and the women's handball team.

Since the 1976 Summer Games, Congo has never again missed a single Summer Olympics. Since their first appearance in 1964, no Congolese athlete has ever won an Olympic medal.

As with most African countries, Congo also has never participated in the Winter Olympics.


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