Chad at the Olympics

Chad's National Olympic Committee (Comité Olympique et Sportif Tchadien) was established in 1963 and was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1964. This allowed Chad to be able to participate in the 1964 Summer Games which was held in Tokyo, Japan.

Chad sent Ahmed Issa to represent the country in the 800 meters and Mahamat Idriss for the high jump who actually managed a respectable 9th place finish. Chad was also represented in the 1968 (Mexico City) and 1972 (Munich) Summer Games.

They were absent in the next two Summer Games (1976 and 1980) but made a comeback in 1984. From that point on, Chad has never missed a single Summer Games albeit with a relatively small delegation representing the country every time.

The biggest Olympic delegation that they have had was the 1988 Olympic team that they sent to Seoul, South Korea that had a total of six athletes. With a relatively low number of athletes in every meet that they came to, it is not hard to imagine why Chad is yet to win a single Olympic medal.

Also, as with most of the African nations, Chad's national flag never been seen waving in the Winter Games.


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